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HND Mayor Final Project, 2015

Here it is my proposal for the MFP a handbook with some coloured themed inspired pages designed or crafted by me  bacause always I heve been amazed by colours....

It is curious how sometimes in life, we claim to be awake, but we are just sleeping.  We forget to appreciate the small details, to see the life from another angle, from another colour, and we miss what it is right in front of us. 


Sometimes we just can see the life in black and white, like when we arrive to this world. When we born, take us two months to change that duality to start seeing the reds, followed by greens, and it is not until the three months when the blues and yellows arrive to our universe. It is then when everything changes and our world just turn into a huge canvas.


Colours let us communicate, even when we don’t know or we don’t have words. They make as react, influence others, change moods and transmit emotions. Colours are one of the most beautiful and influential ways to show and share feelings. 

But what colours mean? As everything, that depends on the eye of the beholder. Colours have different meanings but the beauty of them is that you can feel them and give them your own meaning.


For someone, brown represents mud and dirtiness while for other can mean warmth and sweetness. And that is the magic of it, there is not a correct definition and at the same time, any definition is right, confusing isn’t it? Well, at the end colours are like the life, just a beautiful mess. 


So, please turn the page, enjoy and choose wisely your colours, because remember: life is just the colour you paint it...

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